Doctus Project Writing Competition 2017 Finalists

Doctus Project is pleased to announce the finalists for our 2017 Writing Competition.

The prize, worth $300, will be awarded to the article that has received the most views on the website by the competition closing date (TBC).

Participants had the choice of writing a 600-900 word piece on one of the following themes:

  1. What will be the biggest disruption to healthcare in the 21st century? What will be the consequences?
  2. Argue for or against one of the following propositions:
    • Doctors should be required to prove that they are in good health (including mental health) before being allowed to practise medicine in Australia.
    • As advocates for health and rights, doctors should actively promote a vegan diet.
    • Cashless Debit Cards are a reasonable and pragmatic public health intervention for certain Indigenous Australian communities.

Following the end of the submission deadline on September 24, our editorial team short-listed the four best articles, all of which can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Article 1: Reflections from the moral high ground: on doctors advocating for veganism

Author: Charlotte O’Leary

We live in an era of mixed messages about nutrition, not least from the public health community. A healthy diet was all about minimising saturated fat, until sugar emerged as the silent killer. We have a turbid relationship with salt, and the often-opposing voices from the media and public health experts do little to clear the air. Add in the influence of the lucrative health food industry and you might believe that you’re unhealthy without expensive super foods and supplements with every meal.



Article 2: Sleepwalking To Redundancy

Author: Cameron Naidu

May 11th 1997, Garry Kasparov is preparing to play a game of chess. Not too unusual for perhaps the greatest player to have ever lived. Although today is different; he loses. This particular loss is also distinct because Kasparov doesn’t succumb to another grandmaster. With this defeat, Kasparov would become the first world champion to lose a series of matches to a supercomputer in the form of IBM’s ‘Deep Blue’.



Article 3: Aboriginal Alcoholism and Apple – Colonialist Approaches to Mental Health Crises

Author: Andrew Kindred

Cashless Debit Cards (CDCs) have recently been trialled in several indigenous communities after mining billionaire, Andrew Forrest, suggested the scheme in 2014. Whilst reading about CDCs, I couldn’t help but recognise its uncanny familiarity to an article I read a while ago about a suicide crisis in one of Apple’s Taiwanese factories.




Article 4: The Arts of Medicine

Author: Jack Cuthbertson

“I feel more confident and more satisfied with myself when I reflect that I have two professions and not one. Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress. When I get tired of one I spend the night with the other. Though it is irregular, it is less boring this way, and besides, neither of them loses anything through my infidelity.” – Anton Chekov




The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Doctus Project.