The Doctus Project is always open to engaging in partnerships with  individuals and organisations whose interests are similarly aligned. We hope to build relationships across medical, political, commerce, legal and charity sectors and work together to further challenge the idea that health does not exist in a vacuum.

For more information or questions regarding potential sponsorship or partnership, please contact either:

Tom Goodwin
Executive Director of the Doctus Project
E-mail: Tom.Goodwin@doctusproject.com

Virimchi Pillutla
Executive Director of the Doctus Project
E-mail: Virimchi.Pillutla@doctusproject.com

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FS-LimitedWealth management isn’t normally front of mind for young doctors. In fact, it often isn’t for older doctors, either. Which is kind of daft.

You study for many years. You train for many years. And then you begin to reap rewards:

  • The satisfaction of professional success
  • The delight of serving others
  • The pleasure of enduring relationships
  • And the comfort of fiscal rewards

But our experience is that fiscal rewards often bring as much discomfort as comfort. It can be daunting: the alternatives; the opportunities; the regulations. A mess of confusion.

Extend your professional wisdom to wealth management. And recognise you might need advice.

Talk to First Samuel.

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